New work


What are the images that you grew up with? What media did you consume? At the age of 14 I was obsessed with supermodels and therefore fashion. So I bought as many fashion magazines as I could afford and pursued an education in fashion. Long after these dreams were shattered I still think about how much these images might have influenced me and in what way. Though I’m still in awe of the beauty of these supermodels and the dream world they represent; I wish for my daughter to grow up in a more diverse world where women are praised for more than they’re body.

This is a digitally altered cover of Cosmopolitan, with painted floral patterns of William Morris.

Conditioning part two

For these works I took the context away. Only the words that shout on the covers of Cosmopolitan are shown here. I try to emphasize the crazy language we use to manipulate women through mass media about what’s desired and what’s not. Do we mind our daily consumption of mental junk through TV, magazines and social media?

New beginnings

After years of reflecting upon modern media I want to focus more on my own language instead of making work that’s a reaction to something. Please follow me on this journey!