Do you care?

To care is to be vulnerable. It shows others what you stand for, where your weaknesses are. But isn’t life about just this, showing where it hurst and dealing with it.  If you don’t care about what you do or how you spend your life, how you make an impact (or none at all) than where does that leave you?

People that inspire me most, are not necessarily the most opinionated, but they investigate life because they care. They ask questions, research ideas, words, pictures and philosophies.

I found it hard to describe my intent with my work or my purpose. But I truly care about looking at an image. To understand it and to question it. If there is any purpose in my work, that is to make people question it. What do I see, how has it been made, what is real and what not…

Karl Ove Knausgard 3

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