In today’s society we are bombarded with photographs. Images that are staged, framed or photoshopped and increasingly becoming more homogenous. Everywhere we see the same values emerging on the looks of beauty, power or attractiveness. The photo’s we see in every day modern media symbolizes more a loss to me, I don’t think it ever was a contribution to society. A photographs holds no originality, nor is it a representation. More and more I’m beginning to understand Roland Barthes, whom said a photo represents death.

Images don’t communicate as much as one thinks, because no-one looks at them closely enough any more. There are simple too many images.

With my work I try to distance the photo from photography by adding mixed media, such as textiles, gold or filigree, so that people have to look closer to see it is not just a photo. It can not be consumed just as easy as other modern images can, one have to look to see. In this moment of looking I want people to open up to to whatever form of beauty they see in my work and make them remember there is still a lot to safe from the tendencies of the modern world.

Susan Lucida is a pseudonym, named after Susan Sontag and Camera Lucida, both major influences on my take on photography and its place in art theory.

Susan Lucida studied art history in Leiden and turned to photography during her minor in photography at KABK in the Hague, followed by FotoAcademie in Rotterdam. Photography art theory is one of her most important influenced on her work as well as journalistic images.


  • Route du Nord 2011, Rotterdam
  • Expositie Het Oog, Rotterdam
  • Route du Nord, Rotterdam 2012
  • Eindexamen expositie SOURCE, Gesamt galerie, Rotterdam
  • Route du Nord 2013, Rotterdam
  • Eindexamen expositie SOURCE, Stadsschouwburg  Rotterdam
  • Eindexamen expositie SOURCE, ‘t Spant Bussum
  • Sint Maria Gallery, Rotterdam
  • Solo expositie, Podium O950, Rotterdam
  • Gup 2015, Amsterdam
  • MIAW 2016, The Hague
  • The Student Hotel, 2017, Rotterdam
  • Haagse kunstkring, 2018, The Hague
  • Solo expositie, MW Haar, 2018, Rotterdam
  • Solo expositie, Rose Rouge, 2018, Rotterdam
  • Haagse kunstkring, 2019, the Hague
  • Karmijn Expositie, 2019, Rotterdam
  • Kralingse kunstroute, 2019, Rotterdam